Cash Loans in Australia – Is it better to try and get the cash in person?


  • Club Money online cash loans are not available in-store
  • Instead, you can apply for a cash loan online and usually get approval the same day
  • You’ll receive the cash directly in your bank account. Easy!

With Club Money, there is no need to go in store to get a fast cash loan. Just apply for one of our easy online cash loans, or call up our friendly loan team instead!

Apply for an online cash loan today or call us on 1300 792 932.

Penny goes online for some quick cash

Penny has a problem. She is anxious and stressed about some upcoming bills – they have all come at once and out of nowhere!

penny applying for loan

First, it was a dentist appointment. Then, it was a mobile mechanic when her car broke down. Now she has no money until the end of the month when she gets paid – but she still has a phone and a gas bill that are close to being due!

Instead up putting up her prized jewellery down at the dodgy pawn broker, Penny applies for a Club Money cash loan online. To her surprise, she receives approval just 30 minutes later. The next day, she has paid off her bills and has enough cash to tide her over until her next cash.


Need cash? Then stay right where you are! An online cash loan, also known as a cash loan or small online loan, is an ideal for solution for those situations where you need fast cash when you’re caught short. They are an easy way to get cash for personal use, without the need to go a big bank or a dodgy lender. Simply apply online or over the phone!

Still not sure? Here is how easy it really is:

  1. Review. Make sure that you meet our minimum lending requirements and understand our policies.
  2. Get ID. All you need is your driver’s license and your Medicare card.
  3. Apply. Our online process is easy and takes minutes, so you can apply at home, or on-the-go.
  4. Wait 30 minutes. We’ll get back to you usually between 30-60 minutes during business hours.
  5. Get cash. Cash will be directly deposited into your bank account, usually the same day, or next business day.
  6. Spend! Now that you have the cash, you can spend you cash loan on whatever you need.

“Can I get a cash loan with bad credit?”

During our online approval process we look at your current ability to pay – not your bad credit history. You pick the loan repayment length so it is matched with your situation. If you need help, just ask our team!

Interesting fact: you can rebuild your bad credit history. Showing credit responsibility can help you rebuild your bad credit history. Recent changes to the way credit history is reported, known as Comprehensive Credit Reporting, means that positive credit events are now recorded on your credit file. This includes paying off your loan repayments on time!


Looking for alternative to a Club Money loan? Each are some other options:

pawn broker jewellery

  • Credit Card. Getting a credit card can be difficult, especially if you have bad credit. Even if you do get approved, it can take up to 10 days to receive your card in the mail. Not ideal for getting quick cash!
  • Pawn broker. A pawn broker, or pawn shop, is a business that exchanges a cash loan for collateral, usually personal property such as jewellery. Not as easy as a online cash loan!
  • Family or friends. We all know that asking for money can be awkward or embarrassing, so it’s understandable why you may want to keep your money matters to yourself. An online cash loan is more discrete!
  • Personal Loan. These loans are offered by banks, with loan values up to tens of thousands of dollars. Do you really need that much money? Chances are, probably not. A small cash loan is better!

The verdict? Cash loans are faster and more convenient than many of these options. A Club Money cash loan is ideal for you if you want a easy, no-nonsense way to get cash into your bank account, quickly.


If you are confident you meet the necessary criteria for a cash loan, then you are good to go!

  • A fast application process – takes minutes to complete!
  • Cash loans usually approved the same day
  • Easy, convenient and available online
  • Small minimum amounts. Loans available from just $250
  • Bad credit history? That’s okay!
  • No long term commitments – pay it back your own way.

Ok, I’m ready to apply for my cash loan