How we helped customers get a same day loan in Adelaide


Getting caught short of cash can happen to the best of us. It only takes one or two large or unexpected expenses, and you can find yourself struggling to make ends meet.

Regardless of the reason why you’re short of cash, getting quick cash loans in Adelaide can be a suitable way of covering your expenses while you’re in between paychecks.

Keep reading to find out how we were able to help our customers get a same day loan in Adelaide, or you can apply online today.


Same day loans in Adelaide

  • Location: Adelaide
  • Loan amount: $600
  • Transfer time: Same day

Carly’s best friend, Jessica, was about to get married. Everyone was excited, and Carly wanted to get the happy couple something really special for their wedding gift.

The only problem was that Carly a bit short of cash after having to buy her dress and pay for her travel and hotel costs.

With Club Money, she was able to get a same day loan in Adelaide and paid for a couples spa retreat for Jessica and her new husband.


Cash loans in Adelaide

  • Location: Adelaide
  • Loan amount: $1,350
  • Transfer time: Same day

Steve is a uni student and works part time as a barista. He’s kept pretty busy most of the time between his job and his classes and assignments.

Steve was halfway through writing a long essay when his laptop had a fatal meltdown and completely broke. Luckily he had a backup of his assignment and didn’t lose much work, but he didn’t have another computer to finish it on.

With his assignment deadline fast approaching, Steve knew he needed to act quickly. With Club Money, he was able to get a same day loan in Adelaide to buy a new laptop, and he finished his essay with time to spare.


Here at Club Money, we’re upfront about all our policies so that you know exactly what to expect you apply for a loan. To be eligible for a Club Money loan, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be an Australian resident or citizen
  • Earn at least $250 per week from employment income
  • Have received 3 consecutive payments from your current employer
  • Have a bank account in your name

We take responsible lending seriously, so all applications are subject to affordability and eligibility tests. We don’t approve loan applications if they are going to cause financial hardship or if the repayments are going to be unaffordable. You can read our full lending criteria here.


At Club Money, we don’t believe in making your situation worse with unnecessary fees and charges. If you’re struggling to make your repayments, then you can call us and we may be able to restructure your payments so that they’re easier for you.

We are upfront with our fees and charges, so you can be sure there will be no nasty surprises. Read our fees statement for all the information you need.

Club Money can help you with cash loans in Adelaide. Apply online today.