Cash loans in Canberra are easy with Club Money


Even with careful financial planning, it’s easy to find yourself short of cash. A few unexpected costs can throw off your budget and put in in dire straights financially.

In some situations, getting a fast cash loan can be an appropriate way to cover your expenses until your next pay arrives.

Club Money makes getting a same day loan in Canberra as easy as possible. Find out how we helped these customers with their cash loans or apply online today.


Here at Club Money, we pride ourselves on making our process as streamlined as possible. We do a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure your cash gets to you as fast as possible. The steps in our process are:

  1. We receive your application
  2. Assess your application
  3. Send you a loan offer once your application is approved
  4. Call to let you know the loan offer has been sent
  5. Create your loan account
  6. Send the loan documents for you to sign
  7. Receive your signed documents
  8. Transfer the cash to your bank account

For Emma, all that took only an hour. You may be able to get a same day loan in Canberra as well. Find out more about our process here.


We understand that people need a bit of help making ends meet from time to time. That’s why we don’t believe in charging unnecessary fees that make your financial situation worse.

We won’t charge Daily default Fees if you stay in contact with us. We will also negotiate your loan if you’re struggling to make the repayments so that it’s easier for you to manage. See our fee statement for more information.

Looking for cash loans in Canberra? Apply online today!