Find out how others got a same day loan in Sydney.


If you find yourself in a bind, don’t hit the panic button right away. You still have options when you find yourself temporarily short of cash.

Getting fast cash loans in Sydney can help you deal with unexpected bills or expenses. Being short of cash can be incredibly stressful, and a bit of help making ends meet can be just what you need sometimes.

If you need cash fast, Club Money may be able to help you. Read on to find out how we helped some of our customers in Sydney or apply online.


Cash loans in Sydney

  • Location: Sydney
  • Loan amount: $1,000
  • Transfer time: Same day

Jackson had just started his new job as a factory hand, but the factory was very difficult to get to on public transport. It was an hour and a half commute each way with all the train and bus connections he had to make!

He decided to buy a motorbike since it would be easy to park at his apartment and his job. He found the perfect bike for a good price, but he needed to act fast.

Jackson didn’t have quite enough saved up for the bike, but with Club Money, he was able to get a same day loan in Sydney to buy the bike.


Same day loans in Sydney

  • Location: Sydney
  • Loan amount: $500
  • Transfer time: Same day

Jeni had a run of really bad luck. She had two flat tyres in two weeks. The first time wasn’t too bad since she had a spare, but she didn’t have time to get a new spare before her second flat tyre!

While she was waiting for roadside assistance, she knew she had to get two new tyres so that she’d have a spare as well. But she didn’t have enough spare cash for one tyre, let alone two.

But with Club Money, she was able to get a same day loan in Sydney, and she paid for her two new tyres that day.


Here at Club Money, our process is simple. Here’s our loans process in 3 easy steps:

  1. Apply online – You can apply online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have all your information handy, it only takes a few minutes to apply.
  2. Loan approval – We review your application and approve it if you meet our lending criteria. If you apply during business hours, we can usually respond to your application in about half an hour.
  3. You get your cash – Once your loan is approved, we’ll transfer the funds and they’ll be in your account in no time. Depending on your bank, you may be able to get a same day loan in Sydney.

We’re upfront about our process so that you know exactly where you stand and what you can expect from us. If you have any questions, you can call our friendly team on 1300 792 932.


At Club Money, we pride ourselves on our responsible lending practices. As a licensed Small Amount Credit Contract lender, we do not approve loan applications that are unsuitable or going to cause undue financial hardship.

We are upfront about all of our fees and charges, and we may be able to rearrange your payments if you are having trouble meeting them.

If you’re looking for cash loans in Sydney, then Club Money can help. Apply online today.