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Want to avoid the hassle of packed malls or shopping centres while battling to find that perfect gift for your loved ones? Online shopping offers the best of both worlds with incredible savings all from the comfort of your own home. But planning a little ahead is the key to allow time for shipping. Having access to additional Funds is not always available to everyone through traditional avenues such as credit cards or personal loans but ClubMoney can help you avoid the rush and stress of shopping by offering fast cash loans to cover your shopping making sure there are funds in your bank account to take advantage of the online world savings!

Although we all try to plan and save for the added expenses of gifts and entertainment at this time of year it is always difficult trying to cover all the expenses at a time when you may be taking leave and not receiving salary. Sometimes it’s hard to access extra funds due to low income, poor or bad credit rating, low savings or past defaults. ClubMoney can help when you need it the most by providing fast cash loans or short-term payday loans, large or small, to those in need.

Australia Post released statistics late last year on the state of Online Retail in Australia for 2016. “In Christmas 2015 – the busiest time of the year for online shopping and deliveries – 53% of Australians bought online. As Australia’s fondness for online shopping continues to grow, and previously untapped sections of the Australian population become more comfortable with online shopping, the shift towards digital will accelerate.”

They also estimate that 2017 is set to become a record year for online purchasing. Online suppliers can offer great savings due to very few operational overheads and staff costs. It is also great to have some spare cash when the Boxing Day sales come around. If you are really organised, you could purchase then for the following Christmas and really see significant savings!

Around 1 million Australians in the past year took a small cash loan from a Payday Lender or Small Loan Provider such as ClubMoney. The Small Amount Consumer Lending industry exists to provide consumers who can afford a loan, yet can’t access credit from typical avenues, the opportunity to obtain funds to use for urgent expenses. This highly regulated service means that Australians can apply for a loan to suit their needs and can plan and save at this very expensive time of year. The terms of the loan are transparent, and clients know the exact amount of their repayments, the costs involved, and any default fees applicable.

Our easy, fast online application at allows individuals in need of same day, simple cash loans, access to money.