Emergency cash during effects from natural disasters


In the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie in Northern Queensland, Australia, this week, Club Money want to support the people most effected.

Having access to additional funds is not always available to everyone through traditional avenues such as credit cards, personal loans, car loans and mortgages. This is usually due to low income, poor or bad credit rating, low savings or past defaults. Club Money can help when you need it the most by providing fast cash loans or short term payday loans, large or small, to those in need.

With household budgets that are already stretched, an unexpected expense – such as an unforeseen emergency, damage from TC Debbie or a medical bill, car repairs, or urgent household expenses – can often leave these individuals and families feeling anxious about meeting their obligations and with nowhere to turn.

Around 1 million Australians in the past year took a small cash loan from payday lenders such as Club Money. That’s why the Small Amount Consumer Lending industry exists: to provide those consumers who can afford a loan, yet can’t access credit from typical avenues, the opportunity to obtain funds to use for unexpected expenses.

This highly regulated service means that Australians in need can apply for a loan to suit their needs. The terms of the loan are clear and easy to understand and they know the exact amount of their repayments, the costs involved, and any possible default fees.

Our easy, fast online application at www.clubmoney.com.au allows individuals in need of same day, simple cash loans, access to money to relieve the pressure.
Club Money can help you attain the calm after the storm.