Clubmoney has designed a new program to help Australian employees and the Australian community handle the costs of living, saving and budgeting to get ahead. We’re here to help you understand your spending habits better, implement a personalised investment program and help you realise financial security.

Our program will be the first in Australia to start giving back and stop taking from clients. Clubmoney will be refunding, brokerage, commissions and other referral fees that clients would normally be paying. We will give these fees back to our clients in the form of investment funds, helping them learn to invest and save. This is a revolutionary partnership and mutual benefiting solution to help Australians.


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Products such as free wills, free tax returns and free trading on share trading and FX platforms, usually only available to the top end of town, are soon to launch in addition to our suite of the best international financial products to suit Australian families and individuals and help them get ahead.

Clubmoney offer small and large loans, car finance and will also soon offer the best deals on your gas and electric bills or mobile phone plans, making Clubmoney a complete solution to better financial health for Australians. We seek to educate and grow your financial wealth together. As part of the club, you can access free advice and tips on how to make your money work for you. You can be involved as little or as much as you want. We offer free books, free webinars from keynote speakers to broaden your knowledge of budgeting, investing and saving.

These services will only come to Clubmoney’s members, but anyone can join!

Clubmoney aims to break down the barriers in financial services making all products accessible to all Australians in any income bracket and help those even in the most challenging circumstances get ahead and take control of their finances. There will be no cost to be a member until the end of 2018 and if you join before this deadline, you’re considered a life member so get in fast.

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We want to offer a flat fee services model so customers would pay a small monthly fee in return for the commissions and rebates to be returned to them and added to an investment and savings program.

Just enter your basic information to register for a 1 year free membership and join us in transforming current financial services to start saving now.

There is no commitment and you can withdraw whenever you like. Our club offers a partnership to see your earnings work best for you. When each Clubmoney member benefits, it creates a positive and powerful environment to disrupt current practice that is not putting Australian families and individuals first.

Clubmoney will offer all of the following to its members! –

  • Free Tax return
  • Free Will Kit
  • Free savings program
  • Free general investment advice and tips
  • Free Loyalty card with discounts to everyday purchases (McDonald’s, Movie tickets and Bowling)
  • Free budgeting tools
  • Show you how to repair your bad credit rating
  • How to save on electricity and utility bills
  • 100% Rebates on Trading FX, ETF and Gold
  • How to reduce your food and save on grocery bills
  • Help with First Home Buyers loan
  • Opening a stock broking account for as little as $100
  • Advice on all types of insurance
  • Help refinancing or for a new home loan
  • Travel Insurance (with 100% of commission returned)
  • Life Insurance (with 100% of commission returned)
  • Health Insurance (with 100% of commission returned)
  • Car Insurance (with 100%of commission returned)
  • Free education and training webinars on wealth creation

When you become a member of Clubmoney and start loading some of your basic financial data you will have a real time snap shot of your goals, aims, and budget. This easy to use platform becomes your portal to the Clubmoney program and partnership.

You will also be able to access all the services we offer for free or a monthly fee depending on how and when you join.

Even if you only use some of our services you will save $1000, let us show you how –

  • An Online Will KIT’s normally cost $25 to $100, or more if you site with a lawyer
  • A Tax Return can cost between $50 to $150 for basic, or more if you use an accountant
  • Health Insurance companies pay 10% commissions on your yearly premium
  • Car Insurance pay 10% commissions on your yearly premium.

The average cost of 100 per cent hospital cover for a family is around $1,600 and the average cost of 100 per cent ancillary cover around $1,150. The average costs for a single person are $750 or $875 (depending on the level of cover) for hospital cover and $575 for ancillary cover.

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