You don't have to sell a kidney - get an emergency loan from Club Money to fix up your rent and bond payments.


Finding a place to rent can be tricky – and it’s only half the battle! Once you find somewhere to live, you must navigate bond and rent payments. And we all know how expensive they can get, especially if you also need to get utilities connected and buy new furniture. Despite the fact that Australia is becoming a nation of renters – according to census data, the proportion of renters has been rising for 30 years – the cost of rental accommodation is also ramping up.

Let’s face it, the timing of finding a new rental property and evicting the old one rarely lines up neatly. It seems like a cruel twist of fate that you typically have to pay bond on a new place before you’ve even got it back for your old one. It definitely adds stress to an already stressful situation.

That’s why we provide fast emergency loans to renters. For instant access to funds, check out our bond and rent loans and apply today.

It’s scant comfort that bond is a one-off expense – it’s still a huge sum of money. Depending on which state or territory you live in, your bond could be four weeks rent or more. If you’re a student or someone who’s had to move on short notice, you probably don’t have that sort of cash in your back pocket. More often than not, people in this situation end up using the money they had set aside for bills or rent to pay their bond, then wind up experiencing even more fiscal anxiety as a consequence.

The good news is there are other options available besides asking your well-off family or friends to step in and bridge the financial gap. If you’re dealing with unexpected costs when it comes to renting, you can apply for an emergency loan with Club Money. We have loads of suitable options and cash solutions for people from all walks of life.

Our loans are great for:

  • Students with short-term cashflow problems
  • People facing difficult or unexpected circumstances
  • People moving on short notice
  • People who have been evicted or had their lease terminated

We understand that there’s nothing worse than feeling stressed about money and dealing with circumstances beyond your control. We can help you immediately pay bond and rent at your new property to meet your rental obligations. Better yet, we don’t discriminate against people with low income, poor or bad credit ratings, meagre savings or past defaults. We work hard to take into account the individual circumstances of each loan applicant, and will always support our clients wherever possible, providing fast cash loans or short-term payday loans.

Apply yourself

We figure that you’re probably already dealing with enough forms and jargon if you’re signing a bond and rent agreement – so our terms and conditions are intentionally clear and easy to understand.

We don’t want to confuse you; we just want to help you through life’s everyday (and unexpected!) challenges.

If you’re in a tight bind, you can apply for a loan to suit your needs and choose the best payment option for you. For instance, if you’re in the common scenario of having to pay bond and rent at a new rental property when you haven’t received your old bond back yet, you can elect to pay out your Club Money loan when you do get that bond back. Alternatively, you can choose to pay a portion at a dedicated time, then make regular payments to settle the balance.

The terms of our loans are transparent, so our clients always know the exact amount and number of their repayments, any additional costs involved, and any default fees applicable. There are no hidden surprises or unpleasant shocks with Club Money. We talk to you as people, not criminals, because we understand that hey – life happens. Difficult circumstances can beset the best of us. We wholeheartedly believe that there’s no shame in having trouble making ends meet.

If you apply for a bond or rent loan with us, here’s what happens in three simple steps:

1. You set aside 20 minutes – that’s all you need. Next, you check out the fee statement and lending criteria. Once you’re familiar with it, you apply online here.

2. Within 30 minutes, we will review your application. That’s right – it’s that quick. If you’re successful, we’ll get in touch straight away to finalise your bond or rent loan.

3. We transfer the required funds to your bank account. Transfer times depend on your bank – they can be instant, overnight, or a matter of days – so be sure to check that out and chat to us if you’re concerned.

The most important thing to know is that we won’t make you wait or make your situation worse with daily default fees. Provided you stay in touch with us, we guarantee your bond and rent loan will be manageable and comfortable. We are a licensed Small Amount Credit Contract lender, and our policies and practices are regulated by the government. We’ll make sure that you only get approved for bond and rent loans if they are going to be suitable for the borrower.

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Our easy online application and fast approval process make us stand out from other small loan lenders and payday lenders. If you have bond due soon or are struggling to make rent, you can get fast, reliable cash loans to tide you over from Club Money.

Check out our pages on bond and rent loans and apply today. If you’re unsure about whether you meet the lending criteria, you can always call our dedicated team on [phone]. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will take the time to listen to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have in regards to getting an emergency loan. No matter what your situation is, we won’t discriminate.

Join the 1 million Australians who use the quick and easy online application at to relieve financial stress. Instead of worrying about getting evicted, get the cash you need to pay your bond and rent within seconds.