Get your house ready for inspection with a home improvement.


Are you thinking about selling your property? When you advertise your house, you may find one of the most important things to focus on is the appearance of it. Ask any property expert, and they’ll tell you that presentation plays a big part in luring potential buyers to your property in the first place.

From home staging to renovations, there’s plenty of home improvement services out there that can help you transform the look and feel of your home. Improving the look of your home can pay off in a big way if it’s done right.

Home staging

Home improvement isn’t just about minor renovations. Property experts suggest that home staging can improve your selling chances. Home staging involves preparing a residence for sale by styling it with anything from furniture to artwork in order to make the home look more appealing to potential buyers.

“Once only reserved for high-end market homes, we now regularly style properties right across the board.

“Real estate agents are also very pro styling these days as it increases the level of interest in the property helping them sell more easily while achieving a higher price for their client … the art of property styling is showing potential buyers how the space works so that they understand easily how they could live comfortably in a particular home.”

Juliana Gowen, senior stylist at property styling specialists, Urban Chic in Sydney

Home staging can be a cheaper alternative to more permanent changes like a renovation. Think of it as a way of showing buyers the lifestyle potential of your home. With old furniture or clutter, potential buyers may not see this potential in your property.

A home staging service can analyse your home thoroughly. They can identify which rooms will be prominent in an advertising campaign and style them accordingly. With a new design aesthetic, you’ll see your home in a new light and so will any potential buyers.

Home improvement

Renovations can also help improve the look of your property. Home improvement services can coordinate a range of tradesmen to work on different aspects of your home. Both interior and exterior sections of your home can undergo a major facelift before any inspections take place.

Getting your home repainted is a great way to invigorate the look of the interior. New colours and paint effects can bring your home’s look into the 21st century. A new colour scheme can instantly transform the look of each room. Painted feature walls can also give rooms individual character.

“The emotional connection between buyers and imagining living in the house they are buying is a big driver so when renovating it is vital to spend the money on the design of how the occupant will live in the area. For example, kitchens are now a lot larger areas with bigger fridges and ovens for entertaining and more casual dining.”

Dean Harris, Builder,

What your home needs regarding home improvement can really depend on what you already have. The average number of bathrooms in new dwellings has increased to 2.6 in Australia. So it’s not uncommon for older homes to get additional bathrooms added for a renovation. Another popular trend among new homes is to include a more spacious kitchen. Bigger kitchens can fit large-scale appliances such as fridges and ovens that are perfect for entertaining at home.

Funding your home’s new look

Getting funds to present your home for a sale isn’t always easy. Conventional means such as credit cards, mortgages, and personal loans aren’t available to everyone. Obstacles such as low income, low savings, or a bad credit rating can get in the way of people getting access to funds.

Short-term and fast cash loans can be the perfect solution for funding improvements to your home. Paint jobs and home staging may seem like small changes, but they can really pay off big time if they end up boosting your property’s sale price.

Around 1 million Australians in the past year have taken out a small cash loan from payday lenders and small loan providers. It’s why the Small Amount Consumer Lending industry exists – to provide these consumers who can afford a loan, yet can’t access credit from typical avenues. A home improvement loan from Club Money is just one great example of a loan that provides financial assistance for renovations.

How Club Money can help

Club Money can provide you with financial support when you need it the most. The short-term nature of their loans are well suited for funding small improvements to the look of your home. Club Money provides a highly-regulated lending service that is perfect for everyday Australians who need a little financial assistance.

Club Money will take the time to listen to your financial situation and come up with the best lending solution for your needs. So if you’re thinking of updating your house before selling, ask the lending specialists at Club Money about home improvement loans. You just might be surprised by what lending options are available to you.

Apply today

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