You can get same day approval for a $1500 loan


  • Club Money loans available from $250 up to $1500
  • Set a repayment period that suits you
  • Be sure to meet all our requirements to get the maximum amount

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Looking for some fast cash? That’s understandable – there are so many instances in life where we can be caught short. cash loans are popular in Australia, and are fast becoming a go-to way to smooth over bumpy financial times.

Whether your fridge is on the blink, or you need to tackle a bill, a cash loan gives you a cash advance to knock out unexpected expenses.

Sounds good! I’m ready to apply for a cash loan.


At Club Money, we offer cash loans from as little as $250, all the way to $1500. The use for these loans can be for any personal purpose. The best way to use a cash loan to your advantage is to get on top of unexpected expenses, quickly and easily.

Check out these example cash loans:

Cash amount Example loan length Total fees (establishment + monthly Total to be repaid
$250 1 month $50 + $10 $310
$500 1.5 months $100 + $40 $640
$750 2 months $150 + $60 $960
$1000 3 months $200 + $120 $1320
$1250 4 months $250 + $250 $1700
$1500 5 months $300 + $300 $2100

Fees explained:

  • Establishment fee: 20% of borrowed amount
  • Monthly fee: 4% each month


Although a cash loan is a handy tool to help quickly cover costs, as a responsible lender, we need to make sure that a cash loan is the right fit for you. We need to make sure that you can manage your cash loan and move on from your expenses as quickly as possible.

Meeting or exceeding all our lending requirements will ensure that you can get access to the cash you need and the amount you need as quickly as possible:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old
  • You need to be an Australian resident
  • You need to be employed, and earn more than $250 a week. You need to have received at least 3 consistent payments from your employer.
  • You need to have a bank account registered in you name

Do you meet this criteria? Great! Then get this information ready and your good to go:

  • Identification (Australian Driver’s license and a Medicare Card)
  • Internet banking details

If you meet this criteria then you should have no trouble getting a short term loan. Before you know it, fast cash will be heading straight to your bank account.


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One of the best things about cash loans is that they are fast – no long and time-consuming application process with a bank, or waiting for weeks for a card in the mail.

Our application process takes minutes to complete, and you can be approved in as little as 30 minutes. For many of our customers, the cash will enter their nominated bank account that day, or the day after (during business hours).


  • Simple – Forget fishing out and compiling your complicated documentation.
  • Fast – Get loan approval within 30 minutes and money sent the same business day.
  • Convenient – Apply within minutes, at home or on-the-go.
  • Accessible – A bad credit history won’t stand in your way.
  • Manageable – One month, two months… or six? Choose a repayment period that works for you.

Ready to apply for a cash loan online? Let’s go!