Get the fastest cash loan you can get.


If you find yourself in a situation where you need a fast cash loan, most of the time you’ll need the money as soon as possible. So most people are looking for the fastest cash loan they get.

At Club Money, we know that getting a loan quickly can make a huge difference to our customers. That’s why we do everything we can to make our process as fast as possible.

Keep reading to find out how we can help you get the fastest cash loan around or apply online now.


Our top priority is to respond to our applications as fast as possible. Our team responds to applications within half an hour of receiving them. Whether your application is approved or declined, you’ll know in no time.

Here’s our process in three easy steps:

  1. You apply online – Filling out the application form is fast and easy, and you just need to have a few personal details handy.
  2. We review your application – We’ll give you an answer within half an hour of receiving your application. We check if you fit our lending criteria to make sure a loan is suitable for you. We contact you by phone and email to let you know that your application has been approved or declined.
  3. You receive your funds – Once your application has been approved and you’ve accepted the loan offer, we transfer the funds straight away so you get your cash as fast as possible.

Our team members do need to sleep sometimes, so applications that are made after business hours are review the next morning and they’re our top priority so you get your decision fast. The same goes for applications made over the weekend; we respond to them first thing Monday morning.


We do everything we can to help you get the fastest cash loan, but there are some things you can do to make sure the process is fast.

Make sure all the information you provide us with is accurate. Mistakes or typos on your application can delay our approval process. If you take a moment to double check things like driver’s license number, Medicare number, and current address, we’ll make sure you get a decision fast.


As a licensed Small Amount Credit Contract lender, we take our responsible lending obligations seriously. We don’t approve loans if they are going to cause financial hardship for the customer.

We adhere to government regulations of the cash loans industry, and we’re transparent with all our fees and charges. See our fees statement for more information.

Not only that, but we will do our best to help you avoid late payment fees. If you call and let us know that you are having difficulties or won’t be able to make a scheduled payment, we will negotiate your loan and may be able to rearrange it so that it’s easier for you.


If you find yourself in a sticky situation and you need a bit of extra cash, then getting a fast cash loan can be a helpful option. Let Club Money help you with your cash loan needs; you can contact us if you need any more information or help with your application.

If you’re ready to get a fast cash loan, apply online today.