Meeting minimum ID requirements for online loans


ID Required for Online Loans.

Online loans are a great option when you need money fast. Fast approval processes and quick transfers mean that loans can be in your bank account on short notice. Another great thing about online loans is that they are readily accessible to those with a bad credit history.

But if you’re specifically looking for an online loan without a credit check, you may have to provide more documentation and identification as part of the approval process.

At Club Money, we perform a quick Veda credit check as part of our applications. This credit check does not mean that you’ll be denied a loan if you have a bad credit history – but it may mean that we won’t require additional documentation as part of the approval process.

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Requirements for online loans with a credit check

Approval for online loans will require the verification of 100 points of ID. At Club Money, the minimum we can accept is a Driver’s Licence number and Medicare number. We then independently verify this information with credit reporting agency, Veda. This means in many cases there is no need to scan or upload this documentation.

In some cases, such as an application with no established credit history, we may need additional documentation and identification. If we do require more information, we’ll contact you and assist in getting everything together.

Requirements for online loans without a credit check

Most online lenders will perform a credit check – but some providers do not. Lenders that offer online loans without a credit check may need more information from you to determine your employment and identification details.

But in most cases, online short term lenders will consider your loan application even if you have a bad credit history. So you should focus on finding an honest and high-quality lender, rather than wasting time and energy finding on one that doesn’t perform credit checks.

Online loans and bad credit history

At Club Money, a bad credit history is okay. We assess your ability to make repayments with your current situation – such as current employment and recent financial stability – rather than a past credit history that may not be relevant.

We’ll consider your application for an online loan as long as you:

  • Have a job and receive a regular income of more than $250 per week
  • Have 90 days of problem-free banking
  • Have no more than one short term loan
  • Do not spend more than 10% of your income on gambling

We conduct a credit check with credit reporting agency Veda. This helps us verify your supplied ID details, which speeds up our loans process – Same day loans can enter your bank account faster, too.

Online loans ID FAQ

Do I need to scan my ID?

In most cases, no further photos or scans are required. In some cases, such as those who have just turned 18, we then do ask for a photo or scan of ID.

What are your minimum ID requirements?

100 points of ID. This includes your driver’s licence information and a Medicare card number. Clients can apply without the Medicare number, however, providing this number may speed up the assessment process.

Can I use alternative documentation?

Yes. A Passport or another photo ID will be requested. We can take other non-photo ID if need be, as we also complete a Veda check.

I’m still not sure…

Just try to have as much information available as possible, and please contact us to discuss any further ID requirements. We suggest to apply with what you have available but keep in mind that we may ask for documentation if needed.

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