Yearly school fees can range from $4,000 to $22,000


With the state-of-the-art education facilities available in Australia, it’s no wonder we’re called the lucky country. From kindergarten all the way up to secondary school, our kids are spoilt with education options. But no matter what type of educational institution your child attends, there are always going to be expenses to pay.

Yearly fees

Yearly tuition fees are one of the biggest expenses you’ll have to pay for your child’s education. These fees cover most of your child’s education expenses for the year. For some families, it’s easy to budget for expenses like this. For other families, it’s not.

When you pair the cost of education with an unexpected expense like an unforeseen emergency, medical bill, or car repair, it’s enough to make any parent anxious about meeting their financial obligations. For some parents, the ability to pay off these expenses can have a heavy influence on what type of education they can afford for their children.

The average cost of an Australian education

In 2013, The Good Schools Guide quoted findings from The Australian Scholarships Group. Results were tallied from over 6,900 members across Australia. The survey found parents can expect to pay vastly different rates for secondary schooling based on the type of school and where its located.

Families were paying almost half a million dollars to put their child through a private education. The cost for putting a child through the public system paled in comparison at just over $60,000. These figures also included the predicted cost of extra expenses such as clothing, transport, and extracurricular activities.

Below is a summary of the average price parents were paying for yearly tuition fees combined with predicted costs of extras.

School type Area Average tuition fees
Government Metro $4,455
Catholic Metro $12,599
Independent Metro $22,450
Government Regional $3,708
Catholic Regional $9,381
Independent Regional $16,973

What other educational fees can I expect to pay?

Extracurricular fees

Yearly tuition fees are not the only educational expenses parents can expect to pay. Extracurricular activities can also add to the cost of their education. Junior sporting fees alone can set you back anywhere from $180 to $400.

After school care

Depending on your family’s schedule, you may have to rely on after school care. Most primary schools have some form of after school care services available. These after school services will come at an additional cost to school tuition fees.


Your child’s requirements for clothing can change often. So it’s best to take that into consideration when you design a budget for this. Their clothing size can change rapidly over the space of one year! So there’s no harm in planning ahead. Purchase clothes with a bit of room to grow and consider how resistant they are to the everyday wear and tear of schoolyard activities.


Does your family have a plan in place for how your children will get to and from school? Public transport can be a reliable option. Just keep in mind the cost of buying tickets on a regular basis can add up. Student concessions on public transport are available. There are also different tickets available to suit how often your children use public transport.

How Club Money can help

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