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Car Loan refinancing is especially useful for individuals who cannot access credit through conventional means such as credit cards, personal loans and mortgages. This is usually due to low income, poor or bad credit rating, low savings or past defaults. Having a bankruptcy or no credit history can make it difficult to access car loans and car loan refinancing but Clubmoney will always help where we can. Lowering repayments can be a game changer if you are experiencing difficult times or have a new expense you need to adapt to. Speak to the Sydney Clubmoney team today and ask about how we can lower your car loan repayments and save you money.

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How we were able to help Heath

Heath needed $700 urgently to cover the cost of his Labrador's vet bill. He got in touch with our Sydney cash loans experts, and was able to get the cash transferred to his account within 24 hours.

How we were able to help Rachel

Melbourne resident, Rachel, needed emergency dental surgery, but she didn't have enough money in her savings. We were able to assess her application, approve it, and transfer her $1000 in just over one hour.


How we were able to help Jade

New mother and Adelaide resident, Jade, was caught short when her maternity leave payments were unexpectedly held up. She applied with us and in just 90 minutes had $800 transferred to her account.

How we were able to help Kathren

Brisbane university student, Kathren, needed a little extra for her school fees. She applied outside of business hours, but was able to get $750 transferred to her account first thing, the next day.

How we were able to help Rosemarie

When Rosemarie's housemate moved out without notice, she needed extra funds to cover the rent, fast. Our Perth team were able to help with a fast cash loan of $800, transferred direct to her account.


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