Examples of Rates and Fees

Loan Purpose
Loan Amount
Repayments Negotiable1
Establishment Fee2
Monthly Fee3
Personal/Private Use
Home Repair
Technology (e.g. Phone)
Health Emergency
Car Repairs

1. As a responsible lender Club Money will negotiate repayments if you are experiencing difficulties.
2. Based on a loan establishment fee of 20% of principal
3. Based on a monthly loan fee of 4% of principal per month
*Other fees may apply

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If you need cash today, you’re not alone. We offer quick loans available across Australia, with cash advances up to $5,000. Ready? Speak to our customer service specialist on 1300 242 274 or apply online.


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How to Qualify

  • Making a minimum $1,000 take home per month?

  • Are you are 18+ years old and an Australian resident?

  • Do you have a bank account in your name?

  • Have you got 100 points of ID?

  • If you have these 4 things, CLUB MONEY can help you TODAY.


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Why choose Club Money for your cash loan?

  • Get money now
  • Direct to you
  • It's simple
  • Bad credit okay
  • Apply now
Instant loans

Life moves fast, your loan should too

Urgent bills happen. So do last-minute plans and unexpected expenses. Sometimes what you've budgeted for isn't enough to cover it all. It's at those times that you need a little extra cash, and that's where we come in. We provide cash loans for when you need money now, not later.

Some lenders ask you to fill out long and complex forms. Not so with Club Money. We know that if you need money in a hurry, the last thing you want is a complicated and time-consuming application process. That's why we've made applying for a loan with us quick and simple.

Apply now, and you could have up to $5,000 in your account by the end of the day. All we require for your application is confirmation of your identity, as well as evidence of your ability to repay the loan – this means details outlining regular employment with a take-home pay amount of at least $1000 a month.

quick approvals

$5,000 could be in your account in less than 2 hours

The internet has revolutionised the way we live. It's transformed the way we work, chat, and play. It's also changed the way we manage our finances. Unfortunately not all lenders have gotten the memo. Bank queues, long waiting periods, and unhelpful staff are still all too common.

At Club Money, we use the latest technology to make getting a cash loan fast and easy. You can apply for a loan with us on our website via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. And once approved, we transfer your money straight away.

Transfer time will still depend on your financial institution. However, in some cases where customers have had an account with a major Australian bank such as Westpac or NAB, the transfer has taken just two hours. Though, if you're with a credit union or a smaller bank, transfer can take a day or two. Should you apply with us late in the day or on the weekend, we'll review your application first thing on the next business day.

Simple loans

Our cash loans are, simply put, simple!

From our easy application process to our manageable and flexible repayment schedules, we always aim to make the Club Money experience effortless and worry-free. Apply today and see for yourself how easy getting a little extra money can be.

In many ways, a cash loan is one of the simpler forms of finance. Other loans can have compounding interest, fixed or variable interest rates, and charges that seem to come out of nowhere. It can be hard to keep up. A loan from Club Money is different. We put all of our fees upfront so you know exactly what you'll pay and when.

We don't charge interest on any of our loans. Instead, we charge just two standard fees: a one-off establishment fee and a monthly loan fee. Penalty fees may also apply for late or missed repayments, but these can be waived in some instances. For full fee details read our fee statement.

bad credit loans

Don't let a bad credit history cancel your plans

Do you have bad credit? You're not alone. Thousands of Australians every year have loans denied because of bad credit. A poor credit rating can make making plans, obtaining finance, and applying for various services difficult. We, however, may be able to help.

We regularly say yes, when banks say no. We understand that credit history alone doesn't tell the full story, and because of this we offer loan solutions to many customers who have been denied elsewhere. So, if you've been turned down by other lenders, call us, you may be surprised.

Apply now and you could get approval for up to $5,000 today, even if you have poor credit. Our cash loans are fast, easy, and flexible. We only charge easy-to-understand fees. And you can choose any loan repayment period between 61 days and 12 months, so you can repay when and how it suits you.

apply online

How to get started with Club Money

So you're ready to apply? Great! Here's what to do next. First, you'll need to check that you meet our lending criteria. You must be an Australian resident, 18 years or older, earning more than $1000 per month, with a bank account in your name. If that's you, then you're good to apply.

To apply, you'll need 100 points of ID. This can include your driver's licence and your Medicare card. You'll then need to supply your bank details, so we know where to transfer your chosen amount. We'll also need to contact you, so we ask for a current phone number and email address.

It's worth double-checking our fee statement and our policies too. As with any loan, it's important to understand the ins-and-outs before applying. Once you're familiar with our fees and policies, you can submit your application on our website.

We understand that sometimes expenses can catch you off-guard.

We provide fast online cash loans with no hassle and no waiting to help you overcome life’s unexpected hurdles.

Depending on the information you provide, you could borrow anywhere up to $5,000 in cash today. Your loan can be used for any purpose, and you pay it pay at your own pace.

A quick cash loan is a short-term cash advance that can be repaid in anywhere between 61 days and 12 months. No need for a guarantor!



  • How do Cash Loans work?

    Our process is simple: You apply online then we review your application and transfer the funds to your bank account if your application is successful. You choose the amount you want to borrow, up to $5,000 and how quickly you want to pay it off, between 61 days and 12 months.

  • Can I get a cash loan without a credit check?

    No. As part of responsible lending obligations, we must make sure that a loan will be suitable for your financial circumstances. However, you can still get approved for a loan if you have bad credit as long as your current financial situation is good.

  • Can I get instant approval for my cash loan?

    Yes. We respond to all loan applications within half an hour of receiving them. However, we can only review applications during business hours, so applications made after hours will be our top priority on the next business day.

  • Can I get a cash loan deposited into a prepaid debit card?

    No. You must have a bank account in your name which you receive your employment income into to be approved for a cash loan. This is because your loan repayments will be direct debited from the same account which your loan is paid into.


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!WARNING - Do you really need a loan today?*

It can be expensive to borrow small amounts of money and borrowing may not solve your money problems.

Check your options before you borrow:

The Government's MoneySmart website shows you how small amount loans work and suggests other options that may help you.

*This statement is an Australian Government requirement under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.